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Full Name: Tux Mage Mystic

Race/Species: Half-Mage
Sex and Gender: Male
Age: ten

Birthplace: In New York
Current Residence: New York

Sexual Orientation: Straight (But I will ignore this when I make crack pairings with my OCs xD)

Languages Spoken: English

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Can shoot darkness from his fins or when he stomps his feet can teleport.

Notable Strengths: Combat
Notable Weaknesses: Krystal,lunacorns

Physical Appearance: Normal penguin colors, sky blue eyes,

Personality Details: Negative

Backstory: Was cute and nice when little then he grew up into a jerk; THE END :)

Close Friends: Krystal
Worst Enemies: Blue
Known Family: SP, Private, Nami, Krystal, Herb, Nick,

Likes: Candy, soda, video games, and internet

Dislikes: Lunacorns, people touching his feathers
General Information

First Name: Pika
Middle Name: Mage
Surname: Mystic

Gender: Female
Race: Pikachu
Species: Pikachu

Age: 5

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Languages: English and Latin

Physical Appearance

Face Shape: Round
Hair Colour: She looks like a normal pikachu except that she has no heart tail.
Hair Length: short

Eye Shape: round
Eye Colour: Blue

General Attitude

Personality: Short tempered
Normal Mood: Calm

Likes: Spending time with Hans
Dislikes: Hans doing evil


Mother: Stars
Father: Mark
Brother: Skipper, Trouble, Red
Sister: Cream, Star Shadow


Best Friend: SP
Friends: Cowtails
Rivals: Other Villains

Love Interest: Hans

Childhood (Ages 0-12)

Life Story: She was adopted by Stars after she was found by Alex. Left home after she became Hans Girlfriend
Birth town: Mystic Island
Favourite Childhood memory: Meeting Hans

Current Life

Relationship Status: Married
Children: Gem and Puff

Dreams and Interests

Dream/Ambition: To get Hans to see there's more than evil

Rating (Out of 10(10 being the best))

Intelligence: ?/10 5
Confidence: ?/10 9
Wisdom: ?/10  7
Agility: ?/10 10
Stamina: ?/10  10
Cooperation: ?/10 3

Yes Or No?

Smoker?: no
Drinker?: no

Athletic?: yes
Bookworm?: no
Kleptomaniac?: no
Party Animal?: no
Vegetarian?: yes
Workaholic?: no
Glasses?: no
Contacts?: no

Good Or Bad?

Temper: bad
Patience: bad

Discipline: good
Sense of Humor: good


Daredevil or Cautious?: Daredevil

Working or Relaxing?: Relaxing
Confident or Unsure?: Confident


One word the character would use to describe self: Reasonable
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: Well, at least I'm responsible  


Favourite Food: Fish
Hated Food: Meat
Favourite Colour: Yellow
Hated Colour: Green
Favourite Drink: Fruit Punch
Hated Drink: Beer

Favourite Music: Pop
Hated Music: Heavy Metal

Theme Song: I love Rock 'N' Roll
Quote: Let me guess, HE did something again?

Name: Lisa
Titles: Ms.Lisa

Age: Nineteen
Race: Penguin
Gender: Female
Height: Taller than Kowalski

Eye Color: Purple
Hair: Normal penguin colors

Birthplace: Arctic
Sexual Orientation: Straight


General Appearance (RSP Description, for example):

General body build/type/figure: Curvy


Any enemies, villains, or rivals, and how did this come to be: Cowtails; She's married to Kowalski so Lisa hates her.


General happiness, 1-10: 1
Social level 1-10: 1

Likes: Kowalski

Dislikes: Cowtails
Greatest Enjoyments: KOWALSKI

1 Optimist, 10 Pessimist, 1-10: 10

Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress, throw things, etc): She'll scream angrily.

Drinks Alcohol: Yeah
Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex and Same Sex: Handsomeness

Speaking Style: Prissy


Dreams/Aspirations?: To get Kowalski

Personal Quote/Motto: (from Character): Kowalski's mine!
Themed Quote (Quote that fits): Look at above ^
Name: Red
Physical Description-
    Species: Penguin
    Skin tone:   He has Normal penguin colors
    Hair Color: PENGUIN COLORS
    Hairstyle: HE HAS NO HAIR
  Facial Features-
    Nose: Beak like Skipper's.
    Jaw: Normal penguin jaw
    Cheekbones: White cheeks.
    Brow: Black
      Color: Red
      Shape: Round
 Height: Tall as Kowalski
 Weight: Normal wight
Personal Information-
     Personality type: Pervert
     Sexuality: Straight
      Food: Pizza
      Drink: Beer
      Color: Red
      Type of Music: Rock and Roll
      Genre of books: Horror

     Who do they live with? Himself
     Who is/are their love interests? HE NO LOVE. HE Um R to the e with a s.
     What is their relationship with their parents like? Not the best
     Siblings?: Skipper, Cream, Pika, Trouble, Star Shadow
     Mother's name: Stars
     Father's name: Mark
             Were their parents ever divorced? No
      If so, how old was the character? 5
      Was the character ever abused? No
Name: Blue

Age: Fifteen

Gender: Male

Species: Penguin

Hair color: Um he normal penguin colors

Eye color: Icy Blue

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Um, none.

Weapon(s): Blades, anything for torture.

Birth town: Unknown

Previous towns: Unknown

Current town: A base in New York Bay

Birth allegiance: Unknown

Previous allegiances:Unknown

Current allegiance: UnKnown

History: Mages attacked his family so he's pretty much against them now.

Personality: Cold and player

Strengths: muscle

Weaknesses: Ami, mages, Private's Hypercute

Family: Private and Kiki are his brothers. June is his step sister. And Snowflake is his mother.

Partner: Ami

Friends/relationships: Friends? NO. Played Ami and took away her baby.

Likes: Destroying the mage race

Dislikes: Private's family and mages

Fears: Mages, Ami

Sayings: You're worthless

Extra: He abused Private and somehow, Pri got away. Is currently abusing his daughter.
i can't tell if my friend got scared. Heres the talk

Natalylovesnutella: hhhooowww are you

Me: good... i almost killed u
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  • Eating: bread
  • Drinking: milk


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